Here at Beatz Disco..

we believe in honesty, so if you need any extras they can all be found here. If you dont see what you are looking for please get in touch as we have years of experience and contacts all in our little black book.


We here at Beatz have the advantage of being able to work alongside some of the best Pipers, Drummers and Mini bands throughout the UK and makes this an ideal addon for your Wedding package. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Beatz Discos are pleased to announce that we have managed to aquire exclusive rights to an amazing soul & swing Singer. He is avaliable as a seperate hire or part of an exclusove package. Contact us for more information in booking one of our Great Singers.



Here at Beatz Discos we are able to supply a Piñata is varyign colours shapes and even bespoke ones with your very own design printed on to it. These vary in price but start at £10 empty and £20 Filled to the brim with toys and treatz. We would also like to add we do not use


Keyboard Player & Singer

Beatz Discos are also able to supply a live keyboard player and singer for all your musical tastes, be it a Residential or Care Home, Private party or good old themed party night WE are able to entertain both you and your guests awith several unique twists along the way.

Smoke &Snow Machines

These are both availiable to hire either on there own or as part of a package. The snow machjione is able to disperse a light haze both horizontal and vertically enhancing the lighting effect.

The Snowmachine is able to fill venues with either a light dusting or a full blown snow storm. Both Big Kids and young enjoy this being used throughout thre function.